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TDK Semiconductors Sanyo Semiconductor Samsung Elect Microchip
TDK Semiconductor Corporation, a leader in mixed-signal integrated circuits ,product range from capacitors, inductors and ferrites to power supplies, factory automation systems and anechoic chambers.
The SANYO Semiconductor Group, of which we are a part, develops innovative products, such as resource-saving ultra-small transistors, unique hard-wired logic ICs and thick film ICs, which contribute to the miniaturization and the reduction in power consumption of electronic devices.
For over 70 years, samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse business that today span advamced technology, semiconductoer,skyscraper and plant construnction, petronchemicals, fashion, medicine,finance, hotels,and more.Our flagship company, Samsung Elect, leads the global market in high-tech elect manufacturing and digital media.
The world's leading microcontroller and analog semiconductor suppliers
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